The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the SUPPORT Foundation host Diplomatic Corps and foreign media in Thailand for an enchanting visit to the “All about Khon” Exhibition

     On 13 September 2023, representatives of diplomatic missions institutes in Thailand 26 countries the representative of UNESCO, Bangkok and 13 foreign media agencies in Thailand on a study visit to the “All About Khon” Exhibition, Khon Learning Center, Koh Kerd, Ayutthaya Province

     During the visit, Assistant Professor Anucha Thirakanont, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Thammasat University was a guest curator and provided a tour of the premises, sharing his insights on such topics as the history of Khon, Khon-related arts and crafts and the organization, since 2007, of the spectacular annual Royal Khon performance by the SUPPORT Foundation of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother and showcase Khon performances to the wider public. At the same time, the SUPPORT Foundation’s projects have also provided career opportunities for artists in Khon-related fields

     Notably, Khon was inscribed in 2018 on the representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. By year will be in the episode of “Kumphakan Blocking the River,” which will be on stage at Thailand Cultural Centre between 5 November – 5 December 2023.